Few of the great cardio workouts which you can easily do at home

Few of the great cardio workouts which you can easily do at home

There are a lot of people out there who cannot or they personally do not want to go to the gym, so how do they stay fit and what are the work outs which they can do to have a healthy lifestyle. As we all know that cardio work outs are great for us and our body, so if you are one of those people who are not able to go to the gym but you do want to stay fit and healthy, here are few of the best cardio exercises, which you can easily do at home, so here are they, have a look;

Okay, so if you are a beginner then let me tell you that a proper 20 minute cardio work out is best for a day, as it includes different types of exercises. So, these are the exercises, which you can do in a 20 minute cardio work out session.

  1. Reverse Lunges:

Stand in a straight position and then take your left foot and take a step back with it. Once you have taken a step back, lower down both of your knees and one of your knees should be above the ankle and if it is not then your position is not right. After lowering your knee you can go back to your position and that is called one rep, you at least need to do 10 of these, if you can do more then it is best.

  1. Mountain Climbers:

For this cardio work out, you need to go in a simple and plain plank position and to know that you are in the right position, just check if your hands are directly below our shoulders or nor, if yes, then you are in the right position. Then you need to lift your right foot and bring the right knee in the center of your body, once you have done this with the right knee, do the same with the left and keep repeating the procedure.

So, these are the two main and basic work outs which you need to do in 20 minutes, other than these two, you also need to warm up your body and do some running as well. For more info click here http://cardioguys.com/home/5-easy-cardio-exercises-at-home/