MBBS in Iran Medical Education Guide For Pakistani Students

MBBS in Iran Medical Education Guide For Pakistani Students

Students of Pakistan these days are making their decision to complete their degree of MBBS from the medical colleges of Iran. Study of medical education in Iran is extremely cheaper as compared to other medical universities. Though this country has been facing some security issues and problems in the past years but now the economy and security situation in Iran has become stabilized. In past years, even local students of Iran were reluctant to study in their colleges and universities. But now educational sector of this country has seen positive shift. Not only local students of Iran but also maximum students from abroad countries are likely to complete their MBBS studies from medical colleges of Iran. Iran is our neighbouring country. For Pakistani students, it is quite convenient for them to study in their medical colleges. Because of their flexible and cheaper fee structure, Pakistani students highly prefer their medical colleges.

Why Pakistani Students Should Do Their MBBS in Iran?

  • Economy and security situation in Iran have become much stablized. Now, experts are seeing improvements in their educational departments. Their medical colleges have an amazing and world class infrastructure. Their medical schools are also registered right in the International Medical Education Directory which is IMED.
  • Medical colleges in Iran have lowest tuition fee structure. Their medical degree programs have quite low fee structure. Normally from medical colleges of Iran, you can complete your Bachelor of medical education or your education of Bachelor of Surgery in 5 years. Their MBBS programs works on the fast-track kind of process. In other countries, MBBS duration and time frame is quite lengthy. Like in few countries, program of MBBS is of 6 years and in few other countries, it has time length of 9 years. But medical colleges in Iran offer MBBS program of 5 years. Likewise in the medical colleges of US, medical universities of Canada or medical institutes of Germany, their MBBS programs take 7 to 8 years to become a qualified doctor.

MBBS Colleges of Iran Teach Modern and Traditional Medicine

Students from Pakistan can now freely make their minds to get admission in medical colleges of Iran because their medical colleges offer both modern and traditional medicine subjects. From their medical schools and colleges, you learn about traditional medicine and also about ancient kind of medical techniques. This opportunity of studying both modern and traditional medicine is offered in few medical colleges and medical institutes of Iran are one of them.

Guide to Get Study Visa of Iran

Students should have attested marksheets, passport, approval letter from medical college of Iran, recommendation letters, letters of reference, bank statement copy. These documents will be presented to embassy and they will process visa procedure of any student.

Most of medical colleges of Iran have really come out from their shells. These Iranian medical education colleges are now in competition with other medical colleges of its nearby regions. You can check websites of some medical colleges of Iran and then know about their admission cycle and process.