Looking for sewing machines for quilting? – Things you need to know before buying

Looking for sewing machines for quilting? – Things you need to know before buying

Quilting is the process of sewing two or three layers to form a thick clothing or material. This process of quilting cannot be made using a normal sewing machine. A thick padded material must be sewed together to form a quilting fabric. Many styles are available; the most common ones are quilting done with three layers. A top fabric used as the outer layer, the insulating material in the middle, and a backing material. Such quilting types are done manually in the past and due to the technological advancements, you can buy quilting type sewing machines at various ranges.

Why a quilting sewing machine is needed?

  • A normal sewing machine is small and the quilting machines are of great width. These wider tables are very useful for quilting materials.
  • They are customized with options like embroidery, fonts, and many stitching combinations. It comes up with greater options to expand your creativity.
  • They provide strong tension for threads and hence making it more reliable. Since many layers are involved in sewing a quilt type fabric, strong tension is necessary. A weak tension thread can easily get cut.
  • They offer easy threading as compared to normal sewing machines. At times, you need to switch up the stitches made. This machine is best that gives you options to switch between mid-stream stitches.

Features you should look for in a quilting sewing machine

A sewing machine for quilting is available for various price ranges, and the top features you should look for better sewing are as follows.

Throat spacing: It is also called harp space that means the amount of space between the needle and motor.  It is the common reason to upgrade the sewing machines, as they have less space. This is the main aspect a quilter should see. Because of the multiple layers to be stitched, space must be wider for easy and creative quilting.

Thread cutter: An automatic thread cutter in the sewing machines for quilting saves more time.

Speed control: To make you even more comfortable and controllable, this feature of free motion quilting with speed control is present.

Up/Down needle: The sewing machines for quilting make your needle down when the machine gets stopped. This helps in increasing the accuracy and also saves a lot of time.

If you are passionate about sewing using quilting machines, it is the best choice you could make. You can also look online for a variety of prices and specifications.